Sajal Madhu

Sajal Madhu is a social activist from Dharamjaygarh block in Raigarh district Chhattisgarh. He has been working with the tribal communities, forest communities and farmers. His main area of work is human-wildlife conflict. The Dharamjaygarh block has a huge elephant population. There are tensions between the elephants and the local residents. His work has been to protect the elephant from being killed and ensuring the crops and other property is not damages. He successfully runs the “Haathi Sabka Saathi” to protect the elephants. He uses technology and advocacy to mitigate the human wildlife conflict. He conducts meetings and awareness programs on how to use technology to know the presence of elephants and immediately report to the forest department to reduce losses. The local community is also trained on potential steps when the elephant enters the field. He has formed a group of local volunteers who are ready to help during any crisis. Apart from this Sajal is also involved in generating awareness and capacity building of local community on various government programs and Constitutional values and principles enshrined for the protection of the tribal and other vulnerable population.