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We are a social justice organization working for the rights of the tribal “Adivasi” people of Andhra Pradesh, India and for the protection of the natural resources and ecology of the Eastern Ghats (hills). Samata started working in a small tribal hamlet in 1987 with a group of tribal and rural youth, to mobilize tribal communities against exploitation by outsiders and by government. Samata was formally registered as a non government organization in 1990.

Samata Judgement

In the unprecedented case of Samata vs. State of Andhra Pradesh Judgment,1997, popularly known as the Samata Judgment, the Supreme Court of India, delivered an authoritative decision in favour of the right to livelihood of the tribals inhabiting the scheduled areas of the country. In this case, the judiciary reached its pinnacle in upholding the rights of the tribal community. The Samata Judgment is an outcome of sustained people’s struggle to safeguard their land, resources and livelihood in tribal belts of Andhra Pradesh. The judgement had ramification across the country. The petitioning organisation, “Samata” had been working for the rights of the people for several years and had filed the case to overcome the hurdles created by the State to acknowledge and deliver on issues of fundamental human rights.


A large number of village level primary schools have become defunct due to lack of funds and as the children of that age group are unable to travel the distances to attend the existing schools, they go without an education.

Eastern Ghats

The Eastern and Western Ghats are two mountain ranges in Southern India, averaging from 3000 to 5000 feet. While the Western Ghats run parallel to the coast of the Arabian Sea, the Eastern Ghats run roughly parallel to the Bay of Bengal.

Forest Rights

Andhra Pradesh Community Forest Management Project – A preliminary independent evaluation of a World Bank forestry project by Forest Peoples Programme & Samata – May 2005

Fifth Schedule

Indigenous people and their communities have an historical relationship with their lands and are generally descendants of the original inhabitants of such lands.