About MICI

The Mining Information Clearinghouse of India (MICI)
Mining Information Clearinghouse of India intends to create awareness on various aspects of mining, both procedural and operational parts. The mining cycle broadly comprise of pre mining, mining and post mining phases where the need for accountability, transparency and regulation becomes extremely important and requires pro active policy and legislative provisions to achieve these parameters. Creating awareness among communities and organizations that face such challenges from time to time is thus a continuous effort. Human rights violation and issues of Human Rights Defenders is often an issue in mineral rich areas which demand a mature remedial action at state and central levels to reduce the conflicts by enabling a better governance and decision making process involving people. Although prominence of certain human rights issues emerges from time to time, there are several such issues which remain unattended and do not come even to the knowledge of authorities.

Information from various quarters i.e. right from our governments, legislature and judiciary, activists, social scientists exist but it is diverse, multi-disciplinary and technical. Information screening and integration is another challenge which is missing and requires an effort to accomplish providing a wholesome picture. Acting as a resource house and providing links to all relevant channels of information, policies, remedies, justice and also highlighting issues of public participation in decision making becomes another awareness corner.

The alliance of mm&P (mines, minerals & People) is a national alliance looking at policy, campaign, legal and local level remedies and alternatives to mining and supports any such activity which intends to create awareness and make governments more responsible and transparent.