Charan Kumar

Charan Kumar is a social worker and tribal rights activist from Jharkhand. He has successfully spearheaded movements against the various development activities which led to displacement of tribal people. His work is focused in Kathikung block of Dumka district. He has worked with the Jhanrkhand Ulgulan Manch and continues to be associated with such groups. In the initial years he has worked with the tribals in the production of tussar silk in the Jharkhand-West Bengal border region. He is currently involved in activities for rightful implementation of Forest Rights Act. He regularly conducts meetings and awareness programs with the tribal communities to ensure individual and community forest titles. He is involved in rigorous advocacy with the local governments to ensure that the pattas are received by the tribals. He is also a strong advocate of Santhal Pargana Tenancy Act and Chotanagpur Tenancy Act. He has been working for the protection of the Acts. He believes the recent Sarna Act passed by the Jharkhand government to include the Sarna religion is a step to protect the tribal community and their indigenous relation with the nature.