Deme Oram

Ever since, Deme left his job in the Public Sector Undertaking unable to bear with the lacunae in the system, he did not look back. He has dedicated his time entirely for realising the social, economic and political rights of the Tribals. From the past 13 years he is working with the tribal communities in situations of conflict and pressure without a steady income. He has been staying with the affected communities since long in order to develop a deeper understanding about their problems mainly due to mining. He has been writing in the local newspapers to highlight the issues relating to mining. He has been doing advocacy and networking for the mining affected people for the past three years. This shows his sheer commitment and motivation to work with tribal communities and empower them both politically and socially. Deme has been successful in leading the tribal people to stand up for their rights to cultivate the forest land sustainably. He is now in the process of motivating and inspiring tribals to take up the governance of their areas in their hands. The activities that are initiated by Deme are midway and any kind of support to him will be very helpful to the communities. Some of the major achievements that are accomplished by Deme are- Implementing PESA in few villages in Odisha. PESA prohibits any transfer of tribal land and resources to non-tribals. Made a presentation on understanding the interrelation between tribals, ecology and self-governance at COP – 11. Mobilizing the tribals of Sundargarh district to fight for their rights to cultivate on the forest land sustainably. He organized awareness camps in the field villages about PESA, Forest Rights Act and other legislations.