GHATS is Working on land rights, tribal rights and entitlements in the East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. It has been working for the recognition of some of the tribes by the government and helping them in getting their caste certificates. In the past years, it has been trying to revive the movement in 59 girijan villages in the region, to be incorporated within one single mandal and be considered a Schedule V area with the help of Samata. It has also been involved in forming Girijan Cooperatives (GCCs) across the region so that the farmers have better access to agricultural loans. It has helped the villagers acquired 50 acres of land along with other local farmers for the purpose of organic farming. It is also actively involved in MGNREGA advocacy which is an important source of income for the villagers. Cleaning of ponds, laying roads, check dams extension and cleaning the drains are work that are often sanctioned through MGNREGA. The group is also involved in supporting women SHG groups and women empowerment.