Pasala Chittibabu

Pasala Chittibabu belongs to Doddikonda village in Chintapalli mandal, Andhra Pradesh. Soon after finishing college Chittibabu began working with Navnirman Samiti as a teacher. He did not restrict his job only to teaching. He got involved in all social issues health, housing, jobs etc. In 2002 it came to his notice that a road is being laid from Jarilla Panchayat to Chintapalli. On further enquiry it was revealed that the road was being laid for transporting bauxite from Jarilla. This came as a shock to Chittibabu as well as to the villagers from 18 villages of Jarilla panchayat. Jarilla panchayat has a population of about 20,000 people most of them tribals. During his village tours he found that a village named Chillakalgadda was to be entirely destroyed if the construction of road takes place. Chittibabu took this as an important dependent variable to stop mining from entering the region. With the help of Samata, Chittibabu filed a case on behalf of the villagers of Chillakalgadda and illegal acquisition of land. The villagers won the case and the mining companies had to make a U-turn. In 2014 The government of Andhra Pradesh passed a GO ordering opening of mines in Jarrila. Chittibabu and other leaders from the region successfully organised the 2000 people to come out and protest. People carried their traditional weapons and began protest to stop such injustice to the tribal people. Finally the government had to withdraw the GO.