Rajesh Gupta

Rajesh Gupta is a social activist and volunteer with Video Volunteers. He works in the Raigarh district Chhattisgarh on issues of displacement, development projects, occupational health, and tribal rights. His commitment towards the cause of the human rights and people rights over natural resources remains strong. He works in three blocks in Raigarh District namely Tamnar, Dharamjaygarh and Gharghoda. He has strived to build awareness on mining and environmental issues among tribal communities. He has led several campaigns in Raigarh against forced land acquisition for development projects, state sponsored violence on adivasi men and women. So far with his concerted efforts the two illegal factories causing dust pollution in Tamnar have been shut down and 9 people have been compensated for silicosis. Rajesh has also been at the forefront at organising the Gare Satyagraha. Gare Satyagraha is one of its kind where people have opposed land acquisition for mining using non-violent Satyagraha as a mode of protest.