Rajesh Tripathi

Rajesh Tripathi got involved in social work right from his college days. His work began as a volunteer with Harsh Mandar who was then serving as an Indian Administrative Service Officer in Chhattisgarh. Rajesh began his volunteer work with watershed management program in 30 villages of Tamnar Block, Raigarh. He has been actively taking on issues of illegal mining, displacement, corruption, degrading natural resources and ineffective governance. Through a series of legal interventions, Rajesh is providing support to ground level movements in areas where direct attack on the commons have been made by the forces of the state and capital. In Lat village of Dharamjaygarh Block of Raigarh district Rajesh has been successful in providing better compensation for the land acquired for coal mining by South Eastern Coalfields Ltd. He has helped several land losers file cases in the court and demand their right. One such successful case has been of Ratho Bai who with the gracious support of Rajesh has filed a case for employment for women in mines and has successfully won the case. This landmark judgment has later provided employment to 143 women in the mines. Another major issue Rajesh is involved in is getting compensation for people suffering from silicosis in Saraipali Panchayat of Tamnar block, Raigarh.