Sandhya Devi

Sandhya Devi believes in a society of equity and equality where all should have freedom and equal opportunities, freedom of opinion and expression, right to work and education and right to free from poverty irrespective of caste, creed, and religion. The objective of her work is to establish an environment where each community lives with respect and dignity. Her work is geographically located in Odisha. Her work of more than 3 decades includes creating awareness on the constitutional value to strengthen the community to better demand their democratic rights and seek justice. Her focus of work has been to create youth groups in every village. The groups will act as a medium of community volunteers who can empower the community. She is leading campaigns for protecting indigenous lives and livelihoods She is also training community leaders, village youth and women leaders on various on FRA, PESA, Vth schedule and other protective legislations. She is actively involved in advocacy with the local government to ensure rights of the tribal community. She has recently started the “Sambidhan Surakhya Abhiyan” at the village level.