Sushant Panigrahi

Sushant’s work is primarily focused on enabling and helping the most vulnerable communities and groups like Adivasis, dalits, women and children have access to the rights and entitlements enshrined in the constitution which aligns with the principles and values of human dignity, the achievement of equality, the advancement of human rights and freedoms, supremacy of the Constitution, the rule of law, democracy, social justice, equity and respect. He is currently the founder member of KBK resource center a voluntary registered organization based in Balangir district of Odisha since last two years. KBK Resource Center was founded in the backdrop of massive human trafficking and migration from KBK region of western and southern- Odisha. The Center has been working on rescuing and rehabilitating child labour and bonded labour through various government schemes and programs. His work is focused on reducing migration by creating livelihood opportunities for the survivors and reducing child labour , improving the situation of school dropout rate among children below 14 years by engaging with parents and schools, organizing workshop on labour rights and entitlements, CFR, IFR, child rights and constitutional principles and values among communities and laborer in Bolangir district of Odisha . He also continues to engage with the support from various network of civil societies and government in rescuing and rehabilitating the bonded labour and child laborer from the brick kiln industry .Taking up environmental/climate justice, he works on creating green eco-friendly sustainable livelihood opportunities for the survivors of the human trafficking/bondage, child labour .For example. Green bricks manufacturing can be immediately taken up as a livelihood projects for the survivors.